Extreme Weather Update for Today and This Weekend

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As all would be aware we are in a early summer heatwave, the temps today and over the weekend will increase even further.

Current instructions from the associations is that all games are proceeding at this stage and it is “report to grounds”. All the skippers/Coaches/Managers are aware of the rules and will manage the games along with the opposing skipper and the umpires.

We have already had one game move forward for the day and that is the Saturday U-12’s they are now staring at 8am (be there 7.45am).


In Brief

If senior matches are moved forward your captains will advise you and if Friday/Saturday junior matches are effected your coaches and team managers will be in-touch.

The rules are pretty clear, in the VTCA if the temp is 38° or above in Moorabbin at the scheduled start time play can’t commence until the temp drops below 38°. If play does commence the off field side must check the 1196 weather line every 20 minutes and once the temp goes above 38° play will cease until the temps drops. The captains can agree to end the game at any time in these conditions taking into account the temp will most likely continue to increase.

In the MCA if the predicted temp is 40° or higher for Melbourne at 7.00am the MCA will reduce one day games to 70 overs (2 day matches no change), the captains at the toss may agree to shorten to a 60 over game. Again if the temp is 40° or above play can’t start and if the temp is below 40° and play commences the off field side must also check the 1196 weather line but check Melbourne’s temp.

In the ISEC for the Friday junior games if the temp is 35° or above at 4pm all matches are cancelled. The ISEC rules state the BOM website temp so we will guess that is for Melbourne.

In the SECA for the Saturday junior game if the temp is 37° at 8.00am play can’t start. If play gets underway and the temp stays at 37° or above for one hour play must be abandoned for the day. 1196 check Moorabbin

All associations and the council are clear that extra care should be taken, extra drinks breaks as required. Prepare correctly make sure that you are covered up and hydrated. Where association rules permit take drinks in the shade, have a drink bottle out with the square leg umpire.

Good luck and stay safe.

Go Neggies!

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Written by Glenn Murphy