These are the teams as selected for the upcoming round. If you are unavailable, please let your captain know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please contact your captain:

CSB 1st XI Vinay Tripathi 0422 287 628

CSB 2nd XI Rajesh Balasubramanyam 0433 751 258

CSB 3rd XI Manjunath Mallesh 0427 029 638

MCA 4th XI Kiran Bhagat 0419 798 075

MCA A-Sunday Jolly Takkiar 0433 399 554

MCA C-Sunday Sam Kohli 0411 965 350

MCA D-Sunday Tony Gabbert 0404 095 739

CSB Women’s Comp Penny Callaghan 0401 825 141

Chairman Of Selectors Keat Yong 0404 470 720

If you have any issue’s with selection please contact the Chairman of selectors Tarun Grandhi.

In case of Bad/Hot weather, please check the association’s weather lines to check if your game is going ahead:
For CSB Games: Your captain will advise you, there is no wet/hot weather line.
For MCA Games: 1900 939 238 or after 10am (you can also follow the MCA Facebook page for updates)
If in doubt, contact your captain!